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Welcome to the West Cave Estates web site


Welcome to West Cave Estates!   Owners in West Cave Estates enjoy the beautiful hill county setting with long vistas in all directions.  West Cave Estates is located in a country setting showcased in our beautiful 1 acre entrance park with 60+ trees, bench seating, picnic tables and a large area for you and your kids to enjoy. 

We are approximately 7 miles from the Village of Bee Cave to the east, 7 miles from the City of Dripping Springs to the south, and 7 miles to the natural wonder of the area, 
Hamilton Pool to the west.   Hamilton Pool and an adjoining property, Reimer's Ranch, both Travis County Parks, draw a constant stream of visitors to the area.  Just west of Hamilton Pool on the west side of the Pedernales River is West Cave Preserve.

Board of Directors, West Cave HOA, Supports Coalition to Widen Hamilton Pool Road


For more information, contact Robert Jocius

(512) 924-9174;



·         Hamilton Pool Road needs widening for the section between Tx Hwy 71 and RR 12

·         Currently there is neither plan nor funding for this project. A successful campaign will be savvy & persistent.

·         There are potentially 4 sources for the funding of the project:

·         county (2) state (at least 2 separate funds: safety & widening) (3) federal (4) private (seems unlikely)

·         This work-in-progress will take many forms and remain subject to question, comment, redirection and

·         Alteration by all involved. Your involvement is completely voluntary.


Partial list of Contacts:

·         Gerald Daugherty, Travis County Commissioner - Bob Moore is his Asst. 512.854.9333

·         Charlie Watts, Travis County Transportation and Natural Resources

·         Paul Workman, State Rep. House Dist. 47, 512.850.4703

·         Ben Engelhardt, TxDot, 512.282.2113,


Current information:

·         Ben @ TxDot reports that currently there are neither funds nor plans to realize this project. He recommends contacting state and local officials and creating a petition; there is no specific format for submitting a petition. He also notes that there are currently several petitions before TxDot and that there's great likelihood that several viable and reasonable petitions will be ignored due to lack of funds. This puts the onus on us to generate a very convincing petition. ... Ben also notes that there are essentially two funds from which the state can pool monies for such projects 1) widening 2) safety


Call to Action:

·         Do you have personal connections/relationships with any of the contacts above? If so, what can/are you willing and able to do to enlist their greatest cooperation and support of our goal?

·         Do you have or know of other contacts that might be useful in this endeavor? If so, are you willing to enlist their support and report back to the group or do you prefer to make a suggestion or introduction and have others follow-up with such contacts?

·         Do you have access to / are you willing to create a package of information regarding the number and location of fatalities and other accidents that have occurred on Hamilton Pool Road between Tx Hwy 71 and RM 12 within the last 10-15 years?

·         Are you connected to any sort of private funding opportunity that you would intend to involve in this campaign? If so, are you willing to enlist their support and report back to the group or do you prefer to make an introduction and have others follow-up with your contacts?

·         Any and all information you have from credible sources that you feel could productively inform the progress of this process is always welcomed. Please do feel free to offer other information that may or may not be accurate, just please be sure to note that it's here say/not certain when you report it; we want to avoid moving forward while resenting information that may or may not be accurate as if it were the gospel, so to speak.


Preliminary Conclusions:

·         This will be a long process.

·         Our petition to TxDot should invoke the use of both safety and widening funds.

·         Our communication with elected officials should be broad, ongoing and persistent. 

Nextdoor Community Forum

Andy Michaels set up West Cave on the new iphone and android friendly community forum called "Nextdoor".   Over 100 neighbors have signed up at this time.  Go to and enter code "KNKHQR".  This will get you directly to the sign-up page for WCE.   Contact Andy Michael at for questions or assistance in getting signed up.   This site also allows owners who don't live here to signup.  Once you sign up, you can download the APP to your phone.

Yahoo Group
Before Nextdoor was created, WCE used a Yahoo Group.  Though exchanges on this site are becoming fewer, it has not been shutdown entirely.   It has been a useful tool in the past and presently is still intact.  The last couple of posts to the Yahoo Group have given instructions on how to sign up with "Nextdoor". 

West Cave Estates Board Meetings


The Board of Directors meets every third Tuesday.  The agenda and location of the meeting is posted in the park or emailed.  If you want to receive an email, send your email address to


A new feature of the West Cave Estates website is the Local Vendor database.  (See the menu bar to the left, last item on the list)  The vendors listed have been recommended by your neighbors.   Only those vendors with overall positive recommendations are listed.   

This database is listed as a service to owners only.  Be sure to get competitive bids for any jobs you are considering.   Buyer beware!

If you would like to add a vendor to the list, email with the contact information for your vendor.


Available NOW!  You can make your payments for West Cave Estates Dues online.

Please follow the on the menu item to the left called:  "ONLINE PAYMENTS"

A fee will be charged for using this service:

$2.95 per transaction for e-check and debit card transactions
3% of transaction for credit cards

This fee is collected by the credit card processing company and not West Cave Estates HOA or Pioneer Real Estate Services


The Fire Marshalls of Travis and Hays County issue the official burn ban directives.   Click on the attached links for updated information on the status of burn bans in Travis and Hays Counties:

Hays County Fire Marshall

Travis County Fire Marshall


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